DIY // Hand Stamped Collar Stays

I seem to almost always have trouble coming up with unique DIY gifts for guys. But when I realized that my husband could really use some collar stays for his dress shirts, I thought of an easy project that would be perfect.

These stamped metal collar stays are an affordable gift idea that is practical to boot. And you can customize them with messages, monograms, inside jokes, etc.

Here’s how to make your own set:

Supplies for DIY Stamped Metal Collar Stays


  • Stamping hammer
  • Metal block
  • Alphabet metal stamping set (My set is from Darby Smart.)
  • Metal collar stays (Mine are from Amazon.)
  • Black permanent marker


Step 1 // DIY Stamped Metal Collar Stays

Step 1: Start by placing one of the collar stays onto the metal block.

Step 2 // DIY Stamped Metal Collar Stays

Step 2: Decide on a message, name, or initials that you want to stamp. Then, place the first letter face down onto the collar stay and hit the top of the stamp with the hammer several times. Depending on the type of metal used for the collar stays, you may need to use more force for the hammer to get a deep stamp.

Step 3 // DIY Stamped Metal Collar Stays

Step 3: Repeat this process with all of the letters in the message, name, or initials.

Step 4 // DIY Stamped Metal Collar Stays

Step 4: Next, with a permanent marker, trace over the letters that have been stamped.

Step 5 // DIY Stamped Metal Collar Stays

Step 5: Then, wipe off the excess from the marker with your finger or a rag. This will leave a black coloring inside the stamped area, making the lettering easier to see.

DIY // Stamped Metal Collar Stays Valentine's Day Gift for Men

Now they’re ready to be wrapped up in a box and given as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, etc.

DIY V-Day Gift // Stamped Metal Collar Stays

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