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Ben Affleck says we shouldn't hold our breath for a movie co-starring Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer and Ben worked together on the film "Daredevil" before they were a couple and it sounds as if it may be the only film we'll see them collaborate on. At the premiere of his new film "The Town", Ben shared his thoughts on the subject: "Jen is a great actress, I would be profoundly lucky to work with her.  But something tells me that people don't want to see real-life couples together at the movies."  He also recently shared with Time: "I think audiences have a hard time suspending disbelief, they already know a whole bunch of things about the relationship you have with the other person and if you try and thrust you and another person into a fictional relationship, I think it is distracting."

Ben may be a bit gun-shy since the box office failure of the 2003 film he made with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez – "Gigli".  I don't know if I agree with him.  I think if it's the right film, fans will come. If it looks good, I personally don't care if it's a real-life couple or not because if they are truly good actors, you forget their real-life drama and become absorbed in the story, right?  I'd also venture a guess and say that if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were making a film together, fans would flock to the theater in droves.  

Ben Affleck, suit, black suit, Jennifer Garner, black dress, black silk dress, watch, black purse