Tom Cruise, blue sweater, white oxford, blue jeans, Knight and Day premiere Japan

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are still on the promotional trail for "Knight and Day".

Tom and Cameron landed in Japan to attend the premiere of the film.  These two have been all over the world doing press for this movie since the U.S. premiere way back in June. I'm guessing Japan is among the last of the premieres for this one.  I wish we had a better full- length shot of Cameron – I'm dying to see her shoes!

Tom was in Prague last week working hard to find shooting locations for the upcoming "Mission Impossible IV" film.  Cameron will probably enjoy some time off around the holidays and then she'll be back doing interviews and red carpet events for her upcoming films "The Green Hornet" and "Bad Teacher".

Tom Cruise, blue sweater, white oxford, white dress shirt, blue jeans, Cameron Diaz, black dress, black belt, pink high heel boots, pink shoes, gold bracelets