Gisele Bundchen, sunglasses, black jacket, gray scarf

Gisele Bundchen shares how her sons get along and talks about her hope for more kids.

The supermodel, who is mom to Benjamin, 11 months, and stepmom to Jack (whose mom is Bridget Moynahan), 3, says she's very lucky that the boys get along so well.  “I’m feeling very lucky. For Benjamin, his big brother is his hero. Jack comes in and Benjamin has a big smile. He wants to follow him around. Anything he does, he’s just in awe of him like, ‘Oh my God!’ Overall they really get along and I’m very lucky.”

Gisele, who comes from a very large family, also shared that she and Tom Brady are definitely planning for more kids down the road.  “I want more kids for sure but I don’t know when. Right now I have my hands full!”

Gisele and Tom are getting ready for Benjamin's birthday – he turns 1 on December 8th.

gisele bundchen, sunglasses, scarf, black jacket, jeans,