Christina Aguilera polka dot dress, Kristen Bell, Cam gigandet

Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, and Cam Gigandet are in Tokyo to support 'Burlesque'.

Last night was a big night for movie premieres all over! Christina, Cam, and Kristen all made their way to a photo call and later the red carpet premiere of their movie. 

I'm starting to think Kristen Bell is immortal – the woman just turned 30, yet still looks about 20! Speaking of turning 30, the fans in Tokyo presented Christina with a birthday cake; as she will be turning 30 on the 18th.

Below you can see a shot of Christina's new boyfriend Matt Rutler, who accompanied her on the trip to Japan.

Christina aguilera blue zip front dress, Kristen Bell red dress, Cam Gigandet suit

christina aguilera, gray sweatshirt,, gray hat, boots, black leggings, matt rutler