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Denise Richards says Christmas shopping for her daughters will be easy this year.

The mom of two girls, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, says that the girls' list is pretty short and easy:  "Have you heard of American Girl? That's all they want. They actually went through the catalog, and that's all that's on their lists."  American Girl never goes out of style – it seems to be all the rage with girls.  She shares that her girls are also excited about reading nowadays: "We're into the Fancy Nancy series right now, and the Junie B. series. My girls pick them out.  I love when they come home with that big bag of books and they're so excited to read these amazing books."   I know some parents don't care for the Junie B. books because she's a bit sassy and talks so grammatically incorrect, but my kids loved her books!

Denise also explained why she opted for an artificial tree this year:  "I'm afraid that we're going to start a fire with our lights!  That's the God's honest truth. It's too dry in California, and I don't want to start a forest fire."

Did you go with real or artificial this year with your tree? 

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