Lady Gaga, cream color vintage gown, round sunglasses, beaded gown, off white gown, champagne dress

Lady Gaga is keeping things interesting in Paris this week.

Okay, so she didn't actually "forget" her pants, but it made a nice rhyme for the title.  The singer is over in Europe on tour and has been making a splash – as always – with her fashions.  She was seen in a long vintage dress going out to dinner at Chez André over the weekend and yesterday she hit up the stores in Paris – without pants. Okay, she did have some lingerie/undergarments on, but not much else. Well, don't we all dress like this to finish up our Christmas shopping? No? It's just me?

I'm guessing her legs are all bruised up because of her energetic stage performances.  From what I hear she puts on a pretty impressive show.

Lady Gaga, leather jacket, fishnets, sunglasses, lingerie