Madonna fans were outraged after the singer posted some questionable pics of her teen son Rocco Ritchie on Instagram this week.  Madonna, who has been enjoying a ski holiday with her family, showed off Rocco and his friends celebrating on New Year's Eve.  She posted the first photo below, which shows Rocco goofing around with bottles of alcohol. Madonna wrote, "The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014".  Rocco shared several pics on his own Instagram, too.  He shared that he had been "working the bar", writing "Me and @dom_sesto work hard behind the bar tonight #faded." 

Fans were upset and wondered how she could think that "promoting underage drinking" was funny or photo-worthy.  Many called her a terrible mother and much worse.  But some fans have come to her defense, saying they've joked in the past with photos of their own kids holding wine bottles and their own families thought it was cute or funny. 

In Rocco's defense, most of the photos on his Instagram page are of charity work he does with his famous mom (and her famous ex Sean Penn, too!).  Also in Madonna's defense, they are a very health oriented family, so I have a bit of a hard time believing the boys actual drank any of the alcohol.  I just think she's too strict of a parent (which she has fully admitted in the past) to let him drink, but what do I know?

Weigh in – Do you think she's doing anything wrong by sharing these pictures? Does it send a bad message to teens?

Rocco Ritchie Madonna

Rocco Ritchie

We're hoping this is apple cider. 

Madonna rocco ritchie

Photos by Getty/AFP PHOTO / ODD ANDERSEN   and Madonna and Rocco's Instagram