A few weeks ago, I mentioned my daughter was sick. Well, turns out, she’s not just sick, but Sick.

Turns out, my little girl has Valley Fever. And there’s nothing funny about Valley Fever.

Unless, of course, you count the number of times people have asked me if Valley Fever makes her say things like, “rad” and “totally” and “for sure”.

Obviously, my friends have weird sense of humor.

Which makes sense considering I have a weird sense of humor.

So the next few months to a year will see Miss E and I trekking from our lovely coastal environment to the hot and heavy center of Valley Fever.

Because of course my child is going to get a rare case in our county. And of course that means we need to travel a few hours away to a place where hot is hot and a cool ocean breeze is in our imagination.

I’ve already warned Elizabeth about the road trips. Of course, I’m making them sound super exciting and am promising everything from ice cream to Princess stickers. Yet, even while I’m scouring the web for more information, I can’t help but be grateful that it’s not more serious. I truly don’t understand how mothers of children with severe and chronic illnesses cope every day.

Because this little fungus in my baby’s lungs is making me equal parts hard core steel and huddle mass of worry.

Have your children ever been seriously ill? How did you cope?