Parenting Blog - SickWhen I was a kid, I was allowed to stay home if one of three conditions were met: vomiting, fever, or if I chopped off an arm. Other than that, I had to go to school because in my mother’s words, I wasn’t dying, I was just melodramatic.

I still think smugly of one time she sent me to school and it turned out I had strep throat.

Somehow, I’ve followed in my mother’s footsteps without quite knowing it. Which is why, when Joseph got sick last week, he had his first two sick days of the school year.

Our house was hit hard. First Elizabeth came down with pink eye. Then, when we took her to the doctor to get a prescription for eye drops, we discovered she had a double ear infection. The next day, Joseph woke up with a fever and upset stomach which, after a quick trip back to the doctor, was diagnosed as an ear infection and either vertigo causing motion sickness or a stomach bug.

Have I mentioned it was a fun week?

With the plague upon us, we hunkered down and stayed in. We put on sweat pants, cozy sweaters, wrapped up in blankets and watched movies until it was time to nap. My children are as different when they’re sick as they are the rest of the time.

Elizabeth is a manic mass of energy hyped up on antibiotics. She, even when feeling sick, jumps around the house like she just ate every bit of sugar in the house. Her normal mild-ish manner is replaced by a demanding, whining little girl. Joseph, on the other hand, is cuddly and cozy, preferring quiet and one more blanket if I please. He turns into the Most Polite Child on Earth and is grateful and thankful as I tuck his blankets a bit tighter around him.

By the weekend, they started to feel better. I, of course am still exhausted. I’m trying to find a doctor to prescribe me a bottle of wine, a hot, sandy beach, and 48 hours of silence.

Have you or your home been hit by the various flus and illnesses sweeping through this winter?