Easing Into Fall Decorating

Fall decorating means it's time to introduce warm colors and texture back into your surroundings.  Here is some inspiration to help get your home into that autumn groove!

  1. Fall colors from Kathryn M. Ireland
  2. Pillar candles from Pottery Barn
  3. Grain measures from Terrain
  4. Plaid throw from Pendleton
  5. Warm flowers seen at Country Living
  6. Rustic bedroom seen at Martha Stewart Living

As disappointing as it is for summer to end, there's something to be said for start of fall – it begins the return of cozy and warm back into our decor, and that's not such a bad thing at all.  And while none of us want to (or can) go through an entire decorating overhaul in our homes, there are subtle, easy ways to reflect this shift in the season!  Start by pulling out blankets and throws and hanging them at the foot of beds and over the backs of sofas.  Pull out the candles and arrange them en masse for instant warmth and atmosphere.  Add bits of mustard yellow, deep red, and brown to your surroundings.  And since fall is all about texture (think crunchy leaves beneath our feet), things like wood buckets and baskets add that same element to your rooms.