Owls In The Nursery

How about an owl-themed nursery?  Calming and wise, owls are a great addition to any nursery!

  1. Owl mobile from Evelyn X's Etsy shop
  2. Little owl hoot pillow from Fong's Studio Etsy shop
  3. Swirl tree with owls decal from Janey Macpress' Etsy shop
  4. Modern animal owl clock from Decoylab
  5. Owls sky crib set from Dwell
  6. Owls on a branch kid's lamp by Oopsy Daisy
  7. Owl printed rug from Urban Outfitters

The owl is the perfect bird for a nursery. Its “hoot hoot” signals it’s time for bed and the owl itself is always associated with intelligence. Kind owls depicted in childhood shows are always teachers and book readers. Let’s not forget their inherent cuteness. Owls are popping up everywhere these days, so keep your eye out. The owl rug at Urban Outfitters is just a taste of what they have to offer.