Warm and Inviting Laundry Room

This beautiful laundry moodboard incorporates some warm and homespun elements to create a truly inpiring spot that is actually fun to hang out. 

Can you imagine that, a laundry room that is a great place to hang out?  I know it sounds luaghable but these fabulous ideas might make you excited to get the dirt out of your little tykes pants, well maybe 😉

This bright red washer, beautiful French linen towels, playful wall decals and industrial laundry baskets all work together to create a warm and homey environment.  You can even get the kids into the action but trying our easy to sew DIY ironing board project!

  1. Vintage Handwoven Baskets
  2. Wall Decal Clothes Hanger
  3. Industrial Laundry Carts
  4. Maytag Bravos Washer and Dryer
  5. Momtastic DIY Ironing Board Cover
  6. Swirled Clothespins
  7. ABS Clotheshooks from Anthropologie
  8. French Linen Towels