Decorating With Baskets

Decorating with baskets is an easy way to tackle your clutter while adding lovely texture to your home. Here is some inspiration to get you started!

  1. Entry way storage from Buckingham Interiors
  2. Curved baskets from West Elm
  3. Under-table baskets from Atlanta Bartlett
  4. Cutlery in baskets from the Me And Alice blog
  5. Rattan Step Basket from Ballard Designs
  6. Paint-dipped baskets from Martha Stewart
  7. Baskets in cubbies from Country Living

Having a place for everything is a key mantra in home organization, and baskets not only fulfill this tenet, but they look good enough to keep out, rather than hidden away — which means that your stuff is always within easy reach. They go with virtually any decor, and add a great bit of texture to whatever room they're in, so you can be liberal with where and how many you have. Whether you use ones with lids, handles, as drawers, randomly placed around your home, or all of the above, baskets are affordable and can be found anywhere, and they're a timeless classic!