Kids love playing on computers but how do you keep them safe and learning while online?

A new computer application aims to do just that. Fooz Kids is a way for you to control what your kids are doing on the computer whether you are in the room with them or not.

Fooz Kids Is:

A computer App that appeals to kids and parents alike. It allows parents to create a completely safe online environment in which their kids can learn, discover and play.

For Parents:

The parental dashboard puts the controls at your fingertips, literally. From here parents can set up individual accounts for each child in the house, that way your six year old has different settings then your ten year old. This is also where you can check in to see what they have been up to online. Fooz Kids is not all safety for parents though, there is fun built in. You can get Fooz mail from your child as well as check in on their "report card" from Fooz University.

For Kids:

Fooz Kids offers multiple ways for kids to create online such as a virtual look a like, or a way to invent art inspired stories. They can connect safely with friends and family (that you have set up) through Fooz Mail or even Fooz Kids Video mail. Discovering online is equally easy and appealing for kids with special web, video, games and crafts sections.

To top off an already packed online adventure area Fooz Kids University and Treasure Box both offer ways to educate while entertaining kids.

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