Cool New Kids Furniture by WEAMO


The new cute & colorful collection of kids furniture from WEAMO is perfect for the playroom or other children’s spaces.

Made from sturdy birch plywood and painted in bright hues, the collection includes fun yet functional stools, desks, coat hooks and door stops. 

Mini Table for One
Designed for children ages 1 to 3 years, available for $295 from the WEAMO website

Midi stool
Designed for kids ages 3 and up, available for $134 from the WEAMO website

IOTA Coat Hooks
Laminated in bright & vibrant colors that tie in perfectly to color schemes for playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Priced from $31 and up, available from the WEAMO website.


The Streamline Doorstop
These doorstops use the same great materials and colors from the furniture collection, available for $24 from the WEAMO website.