Big Face Animal Tees

altThese super realistic looking animal tee’s will appeal to almost any pet lover in your life and you’ll feel good knowing they use Organic Reactive Dyes that have an earth friendly focus too.

You won’t believe how realistic each of these animal faces can look on the front of a tee shirt. The Mountain has become known as one of the greenest Tee Shirt Manufacturers in the world and almost all of their tees are made from products manufactured right here in the United States so that’s just one more thing to love about them.

These shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton, so as long as you wash them in cold water, they’ll always stay at the same size as when you purchased them. And they also have the highest Oeko-Tex 100 Certification so you’ll know they’re free of any chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your body.


altSo if you’re a cat lover, you’ll probably fall in love with the captivating cat eyes on this Striped Cat Tee that reminds me of a cat I used to own who I named Nala. And if your love for cats extends beyond the domesticated kind, then you’ll probably want one of these White Tiger Tees.




altAnd for all those dog lovers out there, I’ll leave it up to you to choose whether you fall in love with this adorable Boston Terrier or if you’d rather stick with the warm and gentle heart of this Yellow Lab.




altAnd if your love of animals extends beyond cats and dogs, fear not, because you’re sure to find many more of your favorite animals right here.