In an effort to capture my children in the moment, the utter right nowness of them, I asked them for a list of some of the things that they think, today, about themselves.

 Here they are in this sliver of time:

Things about me. I am four:

1. I might grow up to be a motorcycle driver. Or a skateboarder. Or a mopper who mops floors.

2. I like to pee outside at the park.

3. I hate Calliou.

4. I don’t need you to help me.

5. When I’m frustrated, I like to punch people in the butt.

6. I will not go to summer camp, I will not, I will not.

7. If you yell at me, I’m gonna ignore you.

8. I think Katy Perry sings so GOOD!

Things about me, I am five and three-quarters:

1. I want a dog more than anything else in the world.

2. I like having a little brother, except sometimes I wish he was a dog.

3. I ask a lot of questions about death like: If you drink your own blood, would you die?

4. I won’t know for sure if I’m a wizard until I’m eleven and I get my letter from Hogwarts.

5. My skin is the palest in the whole family, and I am the skinniest.

6. I got stung by a bee today and I didn’t cry.

7. My favorite movie ever was Gnomio and Juliet.

8. I also made a snake out of a tie.

I will keep my lists close for when my children are less easy to hold tight and define. What’s on yours?