My daycare provider recently confessed that she and her assistants call my daughter Queen Elizabeth. And it's not in a good way.


Apparently my daughter only allows certain people to help her, hug her or hold her. Others are allowed to hand her a snack or crayons. She apparently orders the adults to pick up crying babies, give said babies food and gets upset when they don't do so fast enough. She doesn't play with children her own age, preferring to watch the babies and sit with the adults.


While giving them a stern look and telling them to stop talking.


This comes as no surprise. You may remember that I've been struggling with how to turn Miss Bossy Pants into Miss Sweet as Pie. Still, I thought her bossiness was confined to us. And sometimes house guests. And friends. I had no idea that Her Majesty was also ruling her daycare with an iron fist.


I'm at my wit's end.


On the one hand, her bossiness, assertiveness, and knowing her own mind will come in handy as she grows into a woman. On the other, she really needs to learn that it's not her job to tell adults what to do. I don't want to raise a pushover and I don't want her to be a brat.


So, how do I foster independence and assertiveness while maintaining respect for those in position of authority?


No. I'm asking you. How do I do that?


Because at the moment, she has me scrubbing floors, her father buying her toys, and Joseph bringing her water.