As Joseph’s first year of school ends, I’m facing the quandary so many of my fellow mommies are facing. What do I get his teacher?

This is a tough one. Mrs. H has spent the last 180 days with 30 five and six years olds.

And I highly doubt she needs another mug or another ceramic apple.

So what do we get her?

I took the question to my teacher co-workers and came up with five really fantastic ideas:

1. Eat, Drink, Read – Put a gift card to a local book store in a tall water cup filled with ice tea packets, Crystal Lite, honey sticks, and cookies.

2. Gift Card Bonanza – Have a few parents go in on a gift card to a nice restaurant or, better yet, a massage to ease the shoulders who have been carrying the weight of your child’s education all year.

3. Memory Book – With all the amazing photo book sites, one of the mothers in Joseph’s class organized a memory book for Mrs. H. Each child drew a picture and wrote a message. This amazing mother scanned them all and created a hardcover book of memories and drawings.

4. Summer Break Breakfast – Simply put a yummy pancake mix into a mason jar, add a jar of fresh local jam (or homemade if you’re a canner), and a few bags of tea.

5. Remember They’re Teachers – On Facebook, I recently saw a photo saying “Forget the gift cards and mugs. Remember, we’re teachers. Give us wine.”

What are you giving your teachers this year?