Parenting Blog - Missing TeethAll he’s going to want for Christmas is his two front teeth – as soon as the one currently dangling in his mouth falls out. Or he and I work up the courage to pull it ourselves.

This will be Joseph’s fourth tooth to come out. I read today, while googling how to pull a tooth, that the teeth go out in much the same order as they come in: the bottom two followed closely by the top two. Something about that statement makes me a little sad.

I remember when those four teeth came in. I remember the Orajel, the Tylenol, the drool, the smile with those four sharp white teeth looking so big in my baby’s mouth. It’s hard to believe they’re coming out already.

The first three came out fairly easily. This tooth is being stubborn. it’s hanging crooked in his mouth to the extent his school principal stopped him and asked how much longer he thought that tooth would be there.

And, because my son has a big mouth, he told the principal we’d probably have to tie a string to a door and yank it out. For the record, I never told him we’d do that. It was his uncle. And no, I’d never let his uncle do it either, but my brother-in-law was trying to get a reaction out of Joseph and his cousin. And the reaction – wide eyes and horrified looks – made him expand his story.

And, because my son will talk the ear off anyone, he told his dentist at his appointment on Wednesday that his mommy would probably get a pair of pliers to take his tooth out. The dentist, horrified I’m sure, told Joseph to be sure his mother didn’t do that and then offered to extract the tooth himself for a hefty $200 fee. We declined and denied.

While there are people out there who think I’ll help him get his tooth out in a violent fashion, we’re going to be patient because just wiggling it made my knees a little weak and my stomach a little uneasy.

My children’s mother is a wimp.

Do you pull your children’s teeth when their loose?