Parenting Blog - A Baby in the HouseThere was a baby in the house last weekend. A wee little baby who likes to chew things like socks and dirty washcloths. A little tiny tike who falls over after sitting too long and is just stretchy enough to reach things like power cords.

With Elizabeth past the halfway point of being three, I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to be on Baby Watch. I don’t need to worry about Elizabeth swallowing Legos or the choking hazards of a handmade bear with button eyes. I don’t need to think about what’s on the floor and what’s within reach.

I can’t believe I forgot all that.

All it took was a baby in the house to remind me and to make me sigh in relief I don’t have to be that “on” anymore. There’s something freeing about being able to converse with your child and have them not only understand you but have there be a 70% chance they’ll listen. It’s nice to be able to tell them a steak knife isn’t the safest knife to use with butter and then hand them a butter knife.

Of course it was nice to snuggle a baby. They smell so sweet and when the fall asleep on your chest, there is nothing in this world more relaxing or lovely. They coo and laugh with toothless smiles. They snuggle into you like you’re the most important person in the world. They are, truly, lovable.

I miss the babies, but how I enjoy the kids!

Do you prefer the baby stage or the kid stage?