Parenting Blog - St. Patrick's DayI read somewhere that the people claiming Irish ancestry in the United States is six times the current population of Ireland. I was always told I was of Irish-Italian heritage, but when I went to Ireland, they said I was Scottish. When I went to Scotland, they pointed me to English. And then the English sent back to Ireland. Obviously no one wants to claim our family. Sometimes I don’t blame them.

Still, with two little gingers, I can’t help but have a little extra fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Besides the obvious “Oh my gosh! The leprechauns totally messed up our house!” stunts including upside down chairs, green milk, and gold coins scattered all over the house, we also have our own little family fun tradition.

The Annual Measuring of the Gingers

I’ve told my two little redheads that I’m not entirely convinced they’re not leprechauns. After all, they have red hair and they’re really short. So every year, I measure them to see if they’ve gotten taller. If they have, we can breath a sigh of relief that they’re not leprechauns. Yet.

The last three years, Joseph has me check his chin for a beard to provide two ways of ascertaining that he, at least, is not a leprechaun. He’s as skeptical as I am about Elizabeth.

On the plus side, they’ve both assured me they’d share their pot of gold with me without making me find the end of the rainbow.

Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions?