AuntsI woke up with Elizabeth snuggled next to me. Her little arms were wrapped around my neck and her adorable feet had found the perfect spot in order to inflict the most kidney pain possible. As I tried to ninja out of bed, her eyes popped open and she sat up.


“Go back to sleep, baby,” I said knowing it wouldn’t happen.

“When you were a little girl,” she continued as if I hadn’t spoken,”did you used to wake up really early so you could play with Aunt Becky before she had to go to work?”

“When I was a little girl,” I said in a whisper, “I lived with Aunt Becky. She’s my little sister.”

“Oh.” Elizabeth thought for a moment. “That makes sense.”

I crawled out of bed, my little bug following me. What is it about aunts that make them so much cooler than moms? Is it because they take them out for coffees at Starbucks like Aunt Melissa? Is it because they buy them sparkly wooden clogs like Aunt Nicole? Is it because they let them paint their own toenails and play Minecraft for hours like Aunt Becky? Is it because they make green smoothies and create art projects like Aunt Rachel? 

Whatever the answer, having my sister stay with me for a couple days reinforced the fact that to my kids, their aunts are more better than sliced bread. They’re more awesome than a trip to the movies. They’re cooler than neon shorts.

I’m so happy their aunts live close enough to be a part of their lives. Each of them brings something special to my children and each of them will help to shape them in their own unique way. I couldn’t ask for a better group of women.

How do your children feel about their aunts (by blood, marriage, or friendship)?