daylight savings timeI looked at the clock, convinced it couldn't possibly be only 6:30 p.m. I sighed as the kids ran around in a frantic game of "Who hid the only toy out of four hundred toys that I want to play with". My head and patience insisted it had to be close to bedtime. I eyed a bottle of wine and decided those who decided to create Daylight Savings Time must not have had children.

I read that it was created by the recreation industry to allow a bit more sunlight during the warm summer months to do things like play golf. 

What it didn't take into consideration was the multitude of mothers across the country and world who woke up an hour earlier this morning and, in an effort to keep their children on a schedule, will be getting them to bed an hour later. Moms the world over have lost two hours of peace and quiet.

Two hours is an eternity in Mother Standard Time.

I've tried various methods of adjusting to the "new" schedule. I've tried putting the kids to bed a bit early and letting them stay up a bit later the days leading up to the end of Daylight Savings Time. In the end, the only way to work it all out is to ride the DST Train for a week of chaos.

And telling myself 4:00 is really 5:00 and not too early at all for that glass of wine.

How do you help your children adjust to Daylight Savings Time?