GIFT BOXI don’t know about you, but in the days leading up to Christmas, I am plagued with thoughts of toys overrunning my house.

I don’t have the room to store the toys my children already have, so the thought of a bunch of new toys coming into the house all at once is enough to throw this super-organized mom into a tizzy.

In the name of keeping the gift side of Christmas manageable, I’ve come up with a creative list of gift ideas to share with family and friends. Here’s my top 6 list of creative gift ideas that won’t take up any space in the already over flooded toy area.

6. A gift certificate to a local class.

If your child has an interest or a new interest she wants to explore, consider adding a gift certificate to the Christmas wish list. Music Together, Gymboree, martial arts. The class options for children are endless. In addition to teaching new skills, participating in classes builds memories and provides an opportunity for your child to make new friends.

5. A trip to the art studio.

Many communities have local art studios that allow children to paint their own pottery or create a piece of quality art that they can take home. This gift can double as a bonding experience for the gift giver, should she opt to be the one to take your child to create her piece of art.  

4. Tickets to an event.

There is a ticketed event that appeals to children of most any age. The circus, the movies, the children’s theatre, or tickets to an event featuring your child’s favorite character would be a well received holiday gift.

3. Lessons.

Is your child interested in dance? Horseback riding? Music? Cooking? Money towards lessons would give your child an opportunity to explore a talent or interest. What grandparent wouldn’t be proud to have front row seats to her grand child’s first recital? 

2. Nothing.

Do my children really need one more Thomas the Tank Engine? Another pair of dress up shoes? Enough said.

1. A toy box.

Since the chances are slim to none that your family will curb their shopping habits in the name of lack of space, suggesting a toy box may be your only shot at sanity.  In fact if you’re feeling really daring and think you family may be super generous this holiday season, an addition to your home may be a better option.