teacher giftsTeaching is a hard, tiring and at times thankless task. While many schools host a teacher appreciation day, showing thanks shouldn’t be limited to then. Show appreciation to your child’s teacher by sending in small gift during the first weeks of school. Doing so will not only send the message that you support her, but will serve as reminder of the important and valued work she does.

1. Personalized Notecards. Whether you order or make your own, personalized note cards that say “From the Desk of” with the teachers name are sure to be a practical yet super cute gift. Check out this free downloadable template from 733blog.com to make your own "From the Desk of" note cards. If you want to do something a little more elaborate, package them in a pretty box with a coordinating ribbon and send a fancy pen along with them.

2. A Teacher Survival Kit. Add chapstick, a nail file, sample sizes of Tylenol, Advil and Excederin, a mini lint roller, cough drops, a Tide to Go pen for stain removal, a granola or energy bar, single serving packets to make lemonade or energy drinks, Band-Aids, dental floss and a small tooth brush to box or small plastic storage container to create a teacher survival kit that any teacher would love. If you're feeling super creative, add a personalized poem that covers why you've included each item.

3. Smarties in a Jar. Add individually wrapped packages of Smarties candy to a canning jar to create a sweet teacher gift. Add a colorful ribbon and attach a tag that says “Looking forward to becoming of the “Smarties” each year.” In addition to being a sweet treat, it doubles as a paperweight and decorative item.

4. Divide and Conquer. Use a clear, plastic divided craft box and add small treats to each section. M&M,s Skittles, individually wrapped candy bars, life savers, paper clips, safety pins and pieces of gum fit perfectly. Personalize the plastic box using puffy paint pens or stickers. Once she empties what you've included, the box is a great storage container for erasers, thumb tacks, paper clips and other teacher essentials.

Depending on where you live and where your child attends school, there may be certain rules in place that prohibit giving gifts to teachers. You may wish to check your student handbook prior to planning your gift.