Must Haves: End of Summer RelaxingI know summer is not ending quite yet, but with August starting and back to school popping up in stores it really is true…all good things must come to an end.

But before we say good bye there is still time to take advantage of warm weather days that melt into tranquil evenings. This week’s must have list is all about letting go of what is to come and enjoying the relaxation that the end of summer brings. 

Cick through to see how we are going to dress for the end of summer and our new relaxed state of mind. 

Cobweb Stitch Pull Over Sweater

Must Haves: End of Summer Relaxing

Even though summer is in full swing there is a chill in the air of things to come. Keep warm in the end of summer evenings with this cobweb sweater. 

Velvet Aurora Rip Tank

Must Haves: End of Summer Relaxing

The perfect tank for under or on it’s own. Layer with a sweater or under a flannel as fall creeps closer. 

Heather Maxi Tube Skirt/Dress

Must Haves: End of Summer Relaxing

This versatil skirt or dress is perfect for the moment you realize you have done all you can do for the day and it is time to let it all go and just enjoy relaxing.  

Rainbow Flip Flops

Must Haves: End of Summer Relaxing

I admit I would live in my rainbows if I could, and you know what…until November I can.

Bobbi Brown Vibrant Turquoise Nail Polish

Must Haves: End of Summer Relaxing

Since I am now going to live in my rainbows, my toes should sparkle. Indigo in the winter, vibrant turquoise for the summer. 

Reflections Mala-Fancy Jasper

Must Haves: End of Summer Relaxing

The end of anything calls for reflection as well as looking forward, and with a lotus bead, the symbol of new beginnings and infinite potential, to anchor the tassel the future looks bright.