“Just Bring a Salad” Apple and Cranberry Coleslaw Recipe

We’ve all been told “Just bring a salad” when we ask what to bring to a dinner or a BBQ. I’m sure I’m not the only one who then goes searching for a salad recipe that is just a little bit different, but still super tasty. After all, who wants to sit down to yet another […]


Lazy Summer Dinner: Easy Caprese Pasta Salad

It’s early June and already too hot to turn on the oven. When I can’t deal with standing by the stove—and need to keep my eats light and cool—it’s time for dinners like this cold Caprese Pasta Salad.I am a sucker for cold pasta salads, especially when it’s H-O-T out. Cold soba noodles tossed in […]


Wheat Berry Harvest Salad Recipe

Brighten up your winter meals by preparing a vibrant, fiber-filled, whole grain salad with bright dried cranberries and crunchy nuts that even kids will love. This makes a perfect weekend lunch, or a wholesome dinner. Introducing kids to whole grains like wheat berries is wonderful way to expand their palettes and get them eating right—plus, […]